One for the Road

One-woman band Becky Lee has a tough time fitting in. The rocker looks the part of a scene queen -- usually decked out in dark tones, a pair of vintage boots, and a chic little bowler -- but here in the Valley she's the sole occupant the niche she's carved with her low, languid vocals, kick drum, and guitar.

“It's actually been an ongoing issue for me, the whole genre thing,” she says. “Someone actually told me that I should just stay in Europe/out of AZ because I don't have a ‘scene’ here.” So it makes plenty of sense that her first non-demo full-length LP Hello Black Halo was recorded in Switzerland and Italy with support from Bern-based Voodoo Rhythm Records and its founder Reverend Beat-Man.

But B-Lee likely will feel right at home during her record release show at Crescent Ballroom, when she'll share a bill with Bob Log III and High Horse.

Fri., June 22, 10 p.m., 2012


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