One Image Every Day: Photos by Bob Carey

One Image Every Day: Photos by Bob Carey

It truly sucks when talented artists move out of the Valley like photographer

Bob Carey

did in 2002. The former Phoenix resident moved to New York but we still like to keep tabs on the guy (click


for a review of his recent exhibition at Bokeh Gallery).

And with Carey's blog, we can keep a voyeuristic eye on him every single day.

Oh man, we sure do love the internet.

Carey religiously posts one of his beautiful photographs every day. Each post features the image, a short title, the location, and date.

While we are dying to know the story behind every picture (especially this one...huh?), Carey leaves us to fill in the gaps.

There's nothing that will make an internet junky return to your site more than keeping them wanting.

Well done, Carey.

Check out Bob Carey's blog here.

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