Ooze Man

While many know the Old Town Scottsdale art scene as upscale and culturally authentic, a mess of goo is about to descend upon Squeeze Gallery (formerly Soyal Gallery) when the new exhibit “Slime Wave” opens.

The show features paintings and sculptures by local artist Andrew Hadle, who puts pop culture icons, superheroes, and cartoon and science-fiction characters in a sludge-covered world; picture a sculpture of Chewbacca covered in sticky pink stuff or a slime-bathed character vying for the power to hold He-Man's sword.

“You’ll never see anyone else doing sculptures doing something like this,” says Emmett Potter, owner of Squeeze Gallery. “It will just be a high-energy, exciting show of different mediums and artwork they've never seen put together.”

The show also includes eight sculptures, 20 paintings, a special show 'zine, and T-shirts.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Oct. 8. Continues through Nov. 10, 2010


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