Our Music Tastes Rule

What are your top five albums of all time? Betcha they’re not as cool as ours. Says who? Says us. Okay, then, let us see your list. Uh-huh. No Mississippi Delta blues in there. Typical. And what’s this? Limp Bizkit? Are you for serious? That whole rap-rock craze wouldn’t exist if not for Clutch, and we’re not seeing them in your list. Ugh.

This imagined conflict is something that could happen if we decided to duke it out with the fictional Rob Gordon of Nick Hornby’s book/Stephen Frears’ movie High Fidelity. (We’d most likely walk away butt-hurt and with our tail between our legs.) For a much friendlier atmosphere for sharing your favorite-records list, check out the High Fidelity/Top Five List Fun shindig at Changing Hands Bookstore. Before the showing of the movie about an indie record store and the often bitter music purists who run it, audience members and employees from Hoodlums Music and Movies and Changing Hands will share (and hopefully not fight over) lists of their top five favorite albums.

Fri., Nov. 28, 6 p.m., 2008


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