Over the weekend

Weekend adventures got underway on Friday, March 7, with a simultaneous Art Detour 2008 and First Friday explosion on the streets of Phoenix. If you missed the detour, check out the slide show.

Also on Friday, you may have missed several MLB players lining up for a home run derby on the Nintendo Wii. That's right. Milton Bradley, Todd Helton, Thomas Diamond and others from the Cactus League demonstrated their Nintendo skills to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Denver and Oakland.

Saturday was brought to you by the letter B, as in beer and Bros. (of the Mario variety):


weekend events

Saturday kicked off the Great Arizona Beer Festival, which ran through Sunday.

Video game fans were out in droves for the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii on Saturday night. Would-be competitors in the tournament that accompanied the midnight release waited in line for hours to get in, get registered and get to smashing.


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