Pantonism: The Art of Matching Influences

Pantonism: The Art of Matching Influences

Ever since the color gods at Pantone crowned Tangerine Tango their color of 2012, we've been a little color obsessed. 

Websites including Pinterest and Tumblr -- even Facebook albums -- allow users to curate and categorize inspirations by subject matter, sentiment, and color. Pantonism (not officially associated with the Pantone empire) is our current favorite.

The blog, self-described as The Art of Matching Influence, is full of monochromatic eye candy and plenty of ideas for your next scarf, pencil, iPad case, earring, frame, camera strap, or fedora (we know). 

See more color-based inspiration and side-scroll action on the Pantonism website

Match on, color fiends.

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