Passing the Torch

The pot partnership between Method Man and Redman was just meant to be.

As a founding member of Wu-Tang Clan, Mr. Meth lived up to one of his many aliases, Johnny Blaze, torching verses as fiercely as he smoked trees. Meanwhile, Reggie Noble, better known as Redman, grew up spitting fire as Jersey's hungriest and most fun emcee, all while he was high as a helicopter.

Initially brought together on tour as Def Jam label mates 15 years ago, Meth and Red’s tight friendship and great chemistry have yielded a movie (How High), a short-lived television show, and two albums. Their latest effort, Blackout! 2, updates the pair’s formula by laying merciless verses over energetic, head-nodding beats.

Wed., Aug. 12, 6:30 p.m., 2009


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