Patriot Acts

If you detect a recent upsurge of flags waving, patriotism being espoused, or recordings of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless America” playing on the radio, it’s only natural. The tenth anniversary of September 11th is fast approaching, and Americans everywhere are getting nostalgic.

None of us will ever forget where we were when first learning of the terrorist attacks on that tumultuous day. It was the biggest watershed moment in our nation’s recent history, and many around the Valley and across the country will be staging epic events in commemoration of the anniversary.

The Patriot Day Celebration on Saturday, September 10, will honor the lives of those that were lost, as well as the soldiers who continue to fight in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The event features speeches from political and military dignitaries, an aerial stunt show, a 500-biker motorcycle parade, skydiving stunts, and performances from Tony Orlando and Joe Nichols.

Sat., Sept. 10, 2-9 p.m., 2011


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