Peaches Christ Superstar

Buxom delight Peaches Christ has made quite the name for herself in California film circles and beyond. And the bitch ain’t no porn star.

No, Christ is a legend in the underground B-movie scene, having produced and acted in films for more than 10 years in addition to bringing quirky movies to the masses with her midnight showings. Did we mention she’s a drag queen?

The San Francisco-based spotlight stealer comes to the Valley this weekend, kicking off her appearances with Genderfuct, a late-night drag show put on by the local AZ Gender Outlaws at The Rock. The drag show goes beyond the wigs and false eyelashes as troupe members (many who are classically trained) sing, dance, do comedy and group numbers, and show off homemade videos.

You can also check out Peaches at Madcap Theaters on Saturday, February 26, during a showing of Carrie.

Fri., Feb. 25, 11 p.m., 2011


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