Pearls of Wisdom

We all know at least one person that constantly laments having left some other city behind. Whether they weep over their favorite regional food or miss the hustle and bustle of bigger metropolises, they should really meet Ed Mabrey. Before Mabrey found himself transplanted here earlier this year, his Black Pearl Poetry efforts loomed large in Columbus, Ohio. Preferring to get busy living, he hit the Valley ground running here in the AZ and the Black Pearl Poetry Slam is proof of that.

A two-time individual World Poetry Slam champion, Mabrey is prolific enough to charge up any mic. Through his Black Pearl productions, he’s sought to provide an atmosphere of inclusiveness that folks of all levels of experiences can enjoy. For tonight’s event, some of the our town’s best will slam their favorite works while an open mic welcomes all comers to be just as lively.

Third Thursday of every month, 7:30 p.m., 2010


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