Peep-Toe Boots: A Great Way to Show Off Your Fugly Feet

You can ignore the fact that this woman is clearly standing on a cooler in boots that look like she shoved her foot into a dead raccoon.

Believe it or not, those offenses are besides the point, being: Your feet are ugly. Everyone's are. And they're even worse during the winter.

Lucky us, all that fugly is put on display with the help of peep-toe boots -- the footwear that was born when "it's totally acceptable to wear flip flops all the time" met "I just want to wear fucking ugly shoes."

Unfortunately, the peep-toe disease is running rampant in southwestern states with warm climates and high instances of fashion-induced alcoholism, and is leaving a devastating, sweaty-leather aroma in its path.

So lace up, friends, it's going to be a rough season for the rest of us.

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