Perez Hamilton Delivers History Through The Grapevine

Perez Hamilton Delivers History Through The Grapevine

It's just like the saying goes:

Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it... to their friends.

And then their friends' friends. And then OMG, like everybody knows.

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For all you gossip-loving historians, there's a Tumblr that gives the inside scoop on centuries-old happenings à la the stylings of Perez Hilton. provides comical posts on some of the trendiest players of early American history including Benjamin Franklin a.k.a. BJ Franky Frank, Samuel Adams a.k.a. Drunky Adams, George Washington a.k.a. Hawtie Washie, and Thomas Jefferson a.k.a. Jefferslut.

From America getting tea bagged to pervy John Adam marrying his cousin and wallpaper being the new tapestry, it's basically history retelling at its juiciest.

Along with its tabloid style of social studies, you can also be sure to expect plenty of crudely drawn penises, hearts, and devil horns, making it more less like your high school text books.

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