The 10 Best Works of Art We Saw in Metro Phoenix During April 2017

Whitewater by Peter Deise.EXPAND
Whitewater by Peter Deise.
Peter Deise/Photo by Lynn Trimble

We spotted April’s best art offerings in all sorts of venues – ranging from a shipping container to a public library. Artists tackled a wide variety of concerns, including women’s health and the passage of time. But they also used intriguing materials, including crystals, Mylar, and light. Here’s a look back at 10 of our favorites.

Works by Phoenix sculptor Peter Deise have been featured in several recent exhibitions, including "Chaos Theory" at Legend City Studios and the Artlink exhibition at Bentley Projects. But now, you can spot one of his large-scale, fluid works created with metal and fire right in front of The Oscar shipping container apartments in Roosevelt Row.

El Nuevo Dorado (The New Dorado) by Miguel Angel Rojas.EXPAND
El Nuevo Dorado (The New Dorado) by Miguel Angel Rojas.
Miguel Angel Rojas/Photo by Lynn Trimble

El Nuevo Dorado (The New Dorado)
This piece was created in 2012 by Columbian artist Miguel Angel Rojas, using screenprint, coca leaf powder pigment and gold leaf. Born in Bogatá in 1946, his work often deals with marginalized cultures, and the implications of illegal drug production and consumption. This piece is currently on view at Phoenix Art Museum.

Getting There by Andy Brown.EXPAND
Getting There by Andy Brown.
Andy Brown/Photo by Lynn Trimble

Getting There
Phoenix artist Andy Brown often infuses his paintings with desert and bicycle themes, using characteristic line work featuring patterns and concentric lines. He’s painted several murals for Phoenix and surrounding cities, but also works in California and New York. This piece was recently exhibited at the Megaphone PHX gallery and studio space he operates in midtown Phoenix.

Endometriosis: The Invisible Illness by Emily Johnston.EXPAND
Endometriosis: The Invisible Illness by Emily Johnston.
Emily Johnston/Photo by Lynn Trimble

Endometriosis: The Invisible Illness
Photographer Emily Johnston decided to spotlight women’s health with this piece recently featured in the “Light Sensitive” exhibition at Art Intersection. It’s an embroidered cyanotype of fabric, showing the figure of a woman living with a painful illness, which Johnston created in 2016.

The Past Increases by Camila Galofre.EXPAND
The Past Increases by Camila Galofre.
Camila Galofre/Photo by Lynn Trimble

The Past Increases
Curves tightly hug one another as they travel unexpected paths together in paintings by Camila Galofre, whose subtle colors draw viewers closer to experience the full measure of their emotional weight. This is one of several Galofre oil-on-panel pieces recently exhibited at New City Studio.

Read on for more of April's best work from Daniel Funkhouser and Christina You-sun Park.

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