Phoenix Fashion Week Announces Top 10 Emerging Designers at MIM

A fashion piece from last year's 6th annual Fashion Week show.
A fashion piece from last year's 6th annual Fashion Week show.
photo by Ryan Wolf

Phoenix Fashion Week doesn't come to the Valley until October, but coordinators of the weekend-long celebration of local and national designers are giving Phoenicians plenty of time to get brushed up on a few musts (and mustn'ts).

The group will unveil its 10 emerging designers this Friday, June 17 from to  during a fashionable meet and greet at the MusicalInstrumentMuseum.

And don't dare try to pull off polyester for silk; these fashionistas will notice the difference.

Last year's emerging designers included Shantidas, Shamini Designs, SJ Couture, Coleccion, Noctis, Mary Jane Smokewear, Couture by Lola, Style No'el, Monique Fagre', and Vickilyn's Closet.

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The 10 designers will be competing in October for a $15,000 prize package (the same prize SJ Couture won last year) to help launch his or her own brand. 

The Musical Instrument Museum is at 4725 East Mayo Boulevard in Phoenix. For more information, check out the Phoenix Fashion Week website.

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