Photo of the Day: An Introduction

Photo of the Day: An Introduction
Steve Jansen

Greetings, and welcome to Photo of the Day.

Every weekday, I'll post an image that I've personally sleuthed and shot in the Phoenix area. Subject matters will be all over the map, and the images will be photographed in all sorts of formats, such as 35mm, Polaroid, medium format, and digital.

Some photographs will be brand spankin' new, whether it's something I see on the way to the office or while out on a shoot. In other cases, I'll post stuff from the archives.

Such as what you see above. This guy used to post up in a lumberyard on Broadway Road just west of 7th Avenue. A few days after I documented the approximately 20-foot tall roadside oddity on a Canon AE-1, he must have departed to lumberjack heaven because he was (and still remains) gone.

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Thanks for looking. See you tomorrow.

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