Photos: Dramatic Portraits of Dogs Pooping
Brock Daves

Photos: Dramatic Portraits of Dogs Pooping

When we're not busy checking out our favorite artists on Instagram or debating the aesthetic merit of iPhone photography, Jackalope Ranch is trolling the deepest depths of the Internet in search of all that is good, bad, and often unholy in the virtual art world.

Today's subject: Dramatic Portraits of Dogs Pooping.

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Photos: Dramatic Portraits of Dogs Pooping
Brock Daves

We first stumbled up on Brock Daves' photography through the online magazine and events hub, the Bold Italic. While the San Francisco-based photographer offers a stunning online portfolio of landscape and wildlife photography, it's his domestic works that take a little more time to digest.

Dramatic Portraits of Dogs Pooping is a vivid depiction of man's best friend in his least noble state. Featuring everything from Boxers and Bulldogs to Rottweilers and Labradors, this photo series of canines shitting is a four-legged litmus test of artistic taste.

Gross? Sure. Hilarious? We think so. But beautiful? You be the judge.

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