PHX Music Rules

If one of your friends ever allows this phrase to purse his or her lips – “The Phoenix music scene sucks” – we suggest defriending the dude or dudette. From MySpace. From Facebook. From the planet.

Why? Because they’re just yapping about something that they don’t jack poop about. For example, the newly-ish-reopened Sail Inn, is bringing the good noise to the stage with local music such as the Rhythm Soul Funke Show. The gig represents with Sabrina Peros’ live art; a fashion trunk show featuring DelecTable Couture; and heavy-on-the-funk/soul/jazz performances by DJ Seduce, Futurekind, Catfish Groove Farm, and a one-gig-only reunion session by Baraka.

Sat., Aug. 15, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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