Playboy Meets World

Ahem. Is this thing on? Okay, thank you for coming today. We’re here to tell you about Edward Weston. Weston was easily one of the greatest photographers of all time, with his impossibly brilliant still life images and nudes. He also authored the Daybooks series, a great insider’s look at the mind of an artist. Also, did you know he’s the father of famed shutterbugs Brett and Cole Weston?

Ah, screw this. Here’s the dealio about the real Weston: Yeah, he could expose the hell out of a silver-gelatin print, but you know what else he was great at? Pulling a lot of ass. That’s right. Yes, ma’am, it’s okay to leave. The door is right behind you. Have a good day. So, yeah. Weston. Man, did he bang a lot of hotties. Tina Modotti. What a body. And those other chicks he got with when he lived in Mexico. Smoking. We can’t even imagine what a good time dude was having while capturing the 60 images in the “Edward Weston: Mexico” exhibit, which photographically explores the country during the 1920s. Anyway, that’s all we have for you. Thanks again for your time.

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