Plenty of Fish in the Sea

A pair of New York pranksters got the cool kids chuckling last year when photos surfaced online of the various cardboard “hipster traps” they scattered around Gotham, each containing Pabst Blue Ribbon, American Spirits, and Wayfarers.

Local party promoters Jared Alan, Craig Citizen, and Jen Deveroux have concocted a similar scheme in order to attract and ensnare hipsters by the dozen, albeit without utilizing a faux bear trap. Their newest summertime swimming soiree Sharks and Minnows will lure in the hepcat crowd on Saturday, June 30, with a stylish oasis perfect for sipping PBR, sporting shades, and puffing on organic cigarettes while chillaxing around the pool at the Phoenix Place Hotel.

Turntable jocks like Death to the Throne, Jake Goldsmith, and Violet Bordeaux will spin a siren song of indie rock and dance hits from the event’s Debauchery Beach, while live music acts Black Carl, Peachcake, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, and Bogan Via will perform at the Shady Sunset Amphitheater.

Sat., June 30, 2 p.m., 2012


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