Pompadour and Circumstance

As any rockabilly fanatic worth his weight in pomade might tell you, greasers have served as a metaphor for rebellion ever since Marlon Brando rode his chopper across the silver screen in 1953’s The Wild Ones. Leather-clad hooligans have exemplified the very definition of cool for more than 60 years now, giving generations of juvie delinquents and wanna-be Fonzies an archetype to aspire to.

That includes the organizers of Reform School at Sanctum, 4343 North Seventh Avenue, who feature a specific theme at each month’s edition of the ongoing fetish/industrial night. They must’ve recently watched The Outsiders, as the latest version of the event on Friday is subtitled “Greasers and Pinups.” Patrons sporting slicked-back hair or dolled-up cats and kittens will be in attendance, as will pin-up models, Ponyboys, and go-go dancers. A costume contest for prizes will be held, and the DJ Trio of Apollynon, Beautiful John, and Trash Talk will spin heavy sounds all evening.

Fri., Aug. 3, 9:30 p.m., 2012


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