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Phoenix-born playwright Philip Dawkins doesn’t believe in soul mates – especially where his career is concerned. “I know a lot of people say ‘Oh, I write because I couldn’t imagine doing something else.’ I can imagine doing a lot of other things,” Dawkins quipped in a recent interview for Phoenix Theatre. “But this is the thing I choose to do, because I think it’s one of the hardest and one of the most fun.”

Dawkins’ play Reykjavik -- an anti-romcom about two people’s search for their other halves -- is part of the theatre’s annual Hormel New Works Festival, a series of inaugural staged readings kicking off on Monday, July 11.

Other selections include Rich Orloff’s Tropical Heat, in which a preacher butts heads with a party girl and The Penis Eulogy, headhunter and author Daniel Cahill’s poignant exploration of a cancer victim’s sexless life. If that’s not enough drama for you, there’s also a 24-hour theatre project where volunteers craft an entire play from concept to staged reading in a single day.

July 11-24, 2011


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