Princess Stride

Cinderella. It’s a simple story. An orphaned girl is made to work by her evil stepmother until, one day (with the help of her fairy godmother and a great dress) she falls in love with a handsome prince and they – say it with me – live happily ever after. It’s a classic fairytale, full of evil stepsisters, glass slippers, a pumpkin that transforms into a carriage, and love at first sight. In its production, Ballet Arizona will add a whole lot of tulle and toe shoes to that list.

The dance troupe’s innovative artistic director, Ib Anderson, is interpreting the timeless tale and we’re betting it won’t look much like Disney’s two-dimensional drawings. With costumes designed by the late David Walker, who designed for the show when Margot Fonteyn danced the part in 1965, we’re betting that elegance will be the first word of the night – and romance will be the second.

Oct. 20-23, 2011


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