Prop 203: Campaign Signs for Arizona's Medical Marijuana Initiative

Tomorrow is election day, and Arizona voters will decide the fate of many politicians and many propositions. But one of the biggest decisions facing voters is whether or not we'll follow states like California and Colorado and allow the sale and use of medical marijuana here.

As we outlined in a recent news short on Proposition 203 (Arizona's medical marijuana initiative), there are some rules and regulations in the proposition to help prevent some of the problems other states have faced, like an over saturation of dispensaries. But there's also a chance that -- like the majority of medical marijuana patients in California, Montana, and Colorado -- Arizona's medical marijuana system will be used mostly by young people receiving the substance for severe or chronic pain. We can actually feel our carpel tunnel getting worse by the minute; it may be unbearable after November 2.

Of course, some medical marijuana patients are seriously or terminally ill, and do seem to receive some sort of relief through cannabis. There are good reasons to support Proposition 203. We're just being realistic. And hopeful and snarky. So here's our list of some proposed, more "realistic" Prop 203 campaign signs:

Puff Puff Pass Prop 203!

Yes We Cannabis


Break a leg for weed!


Medical marijuana: Because pain pills make us fat.

The Pot Stops Here

Prop 203 puts the chronic in "chronic pain"

Bud is wiser

Hemp Me, Please

Here today, Ganja tomorrow
Have some Prop 203 campaign sign suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments section.
Prop 203: Campaign Signs for Arizona's Medical Marijuana Initiative


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