Puppy Bowl Lineup Announced
Image Credit: Keith Barraclough | DCL

Puppy Bowl Lineup Announced

Super Bowl XLVIII airs on Sunday, February 2, and it's down to just eight teams competing for chance to win the Lombardi Trophy.

But for those of us who could not care less about whether or not the Cincinnati Whatsernames or the Kansas City Whocares makes it to MetLife Stadium, a much more pressing event is at hand: Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X.

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Following Puppy Bowl IX's "Year of Excessive Cuteness," 2014's Puppy Bowl will be upping its adorability factor with a Fantasy Puppy League, online voting for canine MVP, and penguin cheerleaders. This is in addition to the kitty halftime show, of course.

And though the game is still a little under a month away, Animal Planet already has fans ooh-ing and aah-ing (okay, mostly aah-ing) over the Puppy Bowl X starting lineup, which consists of everything from labs to mutts, pit bulls to poodles -- all of which are available for adoption through various agencies.

The 10th annual Puppy Bowl will return to Animal Planet on February 2 at 3 p.m., giving folks who love adorable puppies as much as they football, a chance to watch both sans DVR.

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