Que Shiraz Shiraz

Way back in the '80s, when real men didn't eat quiche, wine was relegated to fancy restaurants and snooty folks who watched PBS. But thanks to the pioneering efforts of "Two Buck Chuck," wine with dinner can now be had for the cost of an extra-large Slurpee, and Charles Shaw Chardonnay and a bucket of the Colonel's best constitutes a wine pairing.

Courtney Cochran and her new book, Hip Tastes: The Fresh Guide to Wine, are ready to guide you to oenophile bliss. Don't know pinot noir from pinot gris? The twentysomething Californian's modern take on all things vino will have you interpreting wine labels faster than you can say "fruit forward."

Cochran brings her "personal sommelier" skills and sassy self to this wine tasting/book signing for Hip Tastes.

Thu., Oct. 25, 6 p.m., 2007


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