Katie Johnson

Quick PHX 2013 Last Page: Brendan McCaskey

Brendan McCaskey has been in the button-making business for more than six years. A self-professed crafter, mason jar enthusiast, and supporter of flair, McCaskey creates handmade buttons of all sizes, content, and for any occasion — his work graces the pages of this issue of Quick PHX. When he's not behind the button machine, you might spot McCaskey behind the counter at Smeeks candy store at UNION.

How did you become a button artist?: I've always enjoyed small pieces of flair. Then back in 2006, I bought a button-making machine, a graphic punch which pinches out the image. I don't call myself an artist, I don't have crazy freehand skills, but I've always been very creative and crafty.

Favorite project you've worked on: Anytime I'm working with local business and having local representation, whether it's a shop or restaurant.

Three words to describe downtown Phoenix: Creative. Evolving. Community. — Katie Johnson

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JarofButtonsAZ, Instagram: @jarofbuttons


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