Quick PHX 2013 Party: Dwayne Allen

If you order a rum and Coke in downtown Phoenix, don't be surprised if you get some judgmental glances from across the bar. It's just that in recent years, downtowners have refined their taste for the sugar cane cocktail, thanks to Breadfruit and Rum Bar co-owner Dwayne Allen. The former IT guy turned restaurateur and rum connoisseur has received intoxicated praise for delivering fresh ingredients and a fresh take on rum-based bartending.

What sets the Rum Bar apart from other bars?: Along with our collection of 137 rums, we go to the extent of making the liquors in-house. We make all of our own syrups, cordials, and shrubs. We are also getting into the business of crafting our own bitters, which really gives us absolute control over our flavors. We're not afraid of using real ingredients; we prefer to use real ingredients. The idea that you can make rum drinks without a blender — a lot of people find that astonishing.


Quick PHX 2013

What's the most popular drink at the Rum Bar?: The classic mojito. It's the quintessential rum beverage and the recipe is really true to the original. — Katie Johnson

The Breadfruit & Rum Bar: 108 E. Pierce St., 602-267-1266, the breadfruit.com


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