Faye into night:Chinatown hits the screen.
Faye into night:Chinatown hits the screen.

Race Invaders

Sat 11/8
At last, a car show that's so not Scottsdale. This Saturday, November 8, cruise to Fast Eddie's Diner, 3422 West Glendale Avenue in Phoenix, after 11 a.m. for "Bad Guys III," a car show featuring "pre-1968 hot rods, customs and motorcycles." Presented by the Invaders Car Club, the show lets you "see a different side of the hobby," says club member Alexandra Cenan. "More traditional, low-buck projects instead of high-dollar street rods that never get driven." When Cenan's significant other (not counting her 1960 T-Bird) Kiley Wallace was born, his '59 Cadillac was already 15 years old.

Setting a '50s-fashion tone at the show are live bands Rebel Angels, Deadbillys, Ba Da Bings, and Rumble Cats, plus a DJ spinning rockabilly and doo-wop. Five bucks puts your ride in the show; admirers get in free. For more information, call 480-966-0577.- Quetta Carpenter

Noir Flies

Thu 11/6
Once upon a time, before the advent of multimillion-dollar budgets and prepackaged movie stars, a series of dark, atmospheric films created a memorable genre known as "film noir." Now, in what can only be described as public service, Scottsdale Public Libraries are bringing back several of these classics as part of November's Film Noir Series. The action gets under way with a showing of Chinatown at 6 p.m. Thursday, November 6, at the Civic Center Library, 3839 North Drinkwater Boulevard in Scottsdale. For details on additional screenings, call the Civic Center Library at 480-312-2693 or the Mustang Library at 480-312-6050. - Craig Wallach

Crisis Mode

Fri 11/7
"All the cool names had been taken, so we opened up the dictionary and pointed to a word." The word artist Pete Petrisko pointed to was "crisis."

"We wanted to make a gallery for artists who were maybe beyond just showing in their own studios, but are not really ready for Scottsdale," says Petrisko. Crisis Gallery, co-owned by Petrisko and fellow artist Jake Martinez, will show a wide array of artistic styles and mediums, using only instinct as a selection criterion. "If we really connect with it, we'll show it," Petrisko adds. The grand opening features work by veteran artist Mike Miskowski and emerging talent 238, plus a collection of film shorts projected on the wall outside, where a turkey dog cookout will replace the usual art-show fare. "Most openings have chips and salsa and fancy cheese," explains Petrisko. "But how much fancy cheese can you eat on First Friday?"

The Crisis Gallery Grand Opening happens Friday, November 7, at 316 West McDowell, #100 (entrance in rear). The exhibition, viewable by appointment, continues through November 28. Call 602-462-5541. - Quetta Carpenter


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