Raw Talent

Local artist Brian Boner gets the urge to paint a self-portrait once every few years, but only when he grows a beard. “It's a little like looking at myself with a mask on," he quips. Meet Boner and view his latest works during the closing reception for “The Old, New World”. Boner’s got a knack for dramatically juxtaposing realistic figures with blank areas. "The raw canvas reflects the process," he explains. "The viewer can see where the paintings are born." One canvas birthed a herd of buffalo. Another painting shows the artist’s brother heavily bruised after a snowboard accident. “It was tough to have a younger family member badly injured,” says Boner. “It scares you a little bit and causes you to reflect on your own mortality."

Fellow exhibitor Lee Hazel, on the other hand, fills every inch of her canvas. The exhibition showcases her meticulously detailed oil paintings that often look to art history for inspiration.

Fri., March 19, 6-9 p.m., 2010


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