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A girl needs a sofa. A guy wants to gripe about his bitchy boss. Another fellow wants to rent an apartment with a stranger who likes teacup poodles and sleeps during the day. Will these people meet? If so, will they fall in love? Or will they just end up wasting time chatting on the Internet about furniture and puppies?

Originally conceived by playwrights Katie Goan and Nitra Gutierrez, Kidnapped by Craigslist combines traditional improv, scripted scenes, and prerecorded music with actual posts from Craigslist, the Internet phenomenon that has linked the virtual generation to the old-school notion of want-ads. The dark comedy, which played off-Broadway last year, is never the same play twice.

Fridays-Sundays. Starts: Oct. 3. Continues through Oct. 18, 2008


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