Red Alert

Preseason in the NFL is something of a mixed bag for football fans. Yes, the fall favorite is finally returning after a long, hot summer of speculation as to whether or not your hometown heroes would field a competitive team this season. At the same time, these exhibition games don’t count in the standings and feature more C-listers than a Jason Friedberg movie.

Preseason pigskin is still watchable in spite of itself because it provides football fanatics with a first glimpse at the results training camp and off-season trades. For instance, the Arizona Cardinals have a particularly compelling preseason lineup.

Last year, a dearth of quality quarterbacking by Derek Anderson, which dropped the Red Birds to the bottom of the barrel, has (hopefully) been remedied by trading a king’s ransom for Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Kevin Kolb. He certainly displays some promise (and an uncanny resemblance to Gary Sinise) but there’s no telling whether he’ll be the next Kurt Warner or the next Matt Leinart until he takes the field.

Sat., Aug. 27, 7 p.m., 2011


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