Brian Regan has been so good at what he does – recounting high-energy, family-friendly remembrances and endearingly self-deprecating ruminations to sold-out theaters full of rabid fans -- for so long, he’s ostensibly put himself at a disadvantage. The question isn’t if he’s going to make you laugh; it’s whether he’ll be able to top his untoppable last stop in town. To add to the uphill battle, Regan’s long eschewed a more traditional (not to mention more lucrative) acting path in favor of grass-rootsing his way across the country. Fortunately, he’s both a prodigious writer and relentless perfectionist. The guy has even been known to encore with the taking of classic requests, a feat nearly unheard-of in the age of prematurely YouTubed jokes-in-progress.

Quick, cutting, clean, and touring behind his juggernaut second Comedy Central special (and third DVD), The Epitome of Hyperbole, Regan headlines Dodge Theatre.

Sat., May 16, 8 p.m., 2009


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