Remains of the Day

Reincarnation seems pretty sweet. Leave through one exit, hop into a new entrance. In the meantime, we leave a lot of ephemera behind – hand-penned letters, mix tapes, pictures – and FOUND Magazine is there to catch what we cast off.


Author, filmmaker, and This American Life contributor Davy Rothbart started the publication in 2001. What began as a ’zine intended for friends and fellow contributors cascaded into a full-on magazine, Web site, books, and live events in celebration of all that we leave behind. The mag’s latest tour heralds its new lit outing, Requiem for a Paper Bag: Celebrities and Civilians Tell Stories of the Best Lost, Tossed, and Found Items from Around the World, which features stories from average Joes and notables like Chuck D, Seth Rogen, and Sarah Vowell.

The FOUND Magazine Denim and Diamonds Tour stops at Modified Arts. In addition to Rothbart reading excerpts live, his artist/musician brother, Peter, performs songs based on FOUND entries. Also, indie-souled folk/country popsters The Watson Twins bring their ethereal songs to complete the circle.

Thu., June 25, 8 p.m., 2009


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