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After decades of being left out, Phoenix has finally made it to the big leagues. We’ve hosted a World Series and two Super Bowls. Come election time, we’re a battleground state. Yet, somehow, Phoenix’s most talented residents often get overlooked.

After booking a traveling international show of Chicano art (“Phantom Sightings: Art After the Chicano Movement”), Phoenix Art Museum’s curator of modern and contemporary art, Sara Cochran, realized there were no local artists represented. “I felt it would be a misstep if we neglected to represent the local community,” Cochran tells New Times. Her answer? The “Locals Only” exhibit, featuring the works of 12 Valley Chicano artists, including Annie Lopez, Hector Ruiz, and Roy Wasson Valle. Pieces in the show range from Mexican “casta” paintings to a giant statue of Snoopy dressed as an Indian.

Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: July 12. Continues through Oct. 25, 2009


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