Revenge of the Birds

A lot of people think of action movies as a big ball of explosions and murder puns. When you boil them down, though, they are really just elaborate revenge fantasies. How that relates on a personal level is this: everyone’s been picked on by an a-hole; action movies allow us to see a-holes pay for picking on the wrong dude.

If you’re hungry for revenge, then you ought to find your way out to University of Phoenix Stadium for the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers. When the two teams crossed paths during the preseason, the Packers’ first stringers embarrassed AZ to the tune of 38 first-half points. Like any self-respecting action hero, the Cardinals will almost certainly be looking for payback when kickoff rolls around against a Green Bay squad that’s had trouble protecting quarterback Aaron Rodgers all season. With a defense built to attack the passer, the Cards just might get revenge.

Sun., Jan. 3, 2:15 p.m., 2010


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