Robots Take Over Push Gallery This Friday

Robots Take Over Push Gallery This Friday

Robots have long been a subject of pop culture fantasy. Think "Short Circuit," "Robocop," Mr. Roboto, Isaac Asimov's famed "I, Robot," and how can we forget Adult Swim's oddly addicting "Robot Unicorn Attack" game?

This Friday, March 25, the robot madness is coming to Phoenix as the robot-themed art exhibit, Robotology, opens at Push Gallery in Phoenix.

More than 20 artists including Steve Caballero, Sentrock, Lalo Cota, Chris Burkheart and Amy Gochoel, are contributing an original piece of artwork focused on robots.

Caballero prepared a canvas painting of a traditional Japanese-style robot, but says others are creating sculptures, costumes, and other mixed media pieces for the show.

So what's with the robot obsession? Caballero suggests it has something to do with "man as God." Regardless of the reasons for human interest in robots, Caballero says that people should at least go out to see the artwork.

"I think people should come out to art shows, in general, but this one especially because robots are badass and it should be a fun atmosphere," he says. "Anything where you can see someone express themselves is always worth it."

Robotology opens on Friday, March 25, 7pm at Push Gallery, 1147 E. Roosevelt St. in CenPho.


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