Rodent Kill

Okay, enough with the piddly-squat San Jose States and San Diego States. It’s time for some major-league fur to fly when the ASU Sun Devils open what looks to be a tough Pac-10 schedule with a game against the Oregon State Beavers.

Pardon our pottymouth, but those East Coast "experts" don’t know dick about the Pac-10, except that Southern Cal is, like, pretty cool and stuff. Well, stick it in your eye, you prognosticating pigs, ´cause Cal’s also pretty damn good this year. So is UCLA. And Oregon's always tough. Arizona State, under newly installed head coach Dennis Erickson, is the conference wild card, and the Oregon State game should go a long way toward determining what sort of hand the Devils hold.

Sat., Sept. 22, 7 p.m., 2007


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