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Dizzy Gillespie was a lot more than the chubby-cheeked trumpeter one sees plastered on old-school posters of jazz greats. With Charlie Parker at his side, Diz changed 1940s popular music with bebop, a rollicking brand of improvisation that pissed off white people because they couldn’t dance to it and further cemented jazz as an art made by and played for American outcasts. Dizzy’s huge influence also found its way into other countries, such as Cuba, as you’ll see in A Night in Havana: Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba. The eye-popping documentary features rare clips from Havana’s International Jazz Festival as well as behind-the-scenes images of Diz chumming it up with the likes of Arturo Sandoval and Fidel Castro. Presented by No Festival Required.
Sun., June 22, 1 p.m., 2008


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