Roosevelt Row's Pravus Gallery to Close in June

Roosevelt Row's Pravus Gallery to Close in June

After three years on the corner of Roosevelt and Fifth streets in downtown Phoenix, Pravus Gallery will close after its upcoming show, Pong, according to co-curator Kenneth Richardson.

Richardson says the Pravus team -- including himself and his Molten Brother Mike Goodwin, and Douglas Grant and Amy Young of Perihelion Arts -- will focus on quarterly shows using temporary locations, like they've done in the past with the skate deck invitational, DECK.

"We'll miss the 501 location," he writes, "but ready to move forward."

Pravus opened in November, 2006 in the Phoenix arts complex, .anti_space before it moved to Downtown art district, Roosevelt Row in 2008.

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Since, it's shown work by local creatives including Colin Chillag, Lalo Cota, Thomas Marcus Breeze, Randall Wilson, Mark Keffer, Glen Allen, Colton Brock, J.J. Horner, Charles Darr, Daniel Martin Diaz, and Douglas Miles, to name a few.

Pong opens this Friday at 6 p.m.. For more details on the show, see the Pravus website.

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