Ruby Suns

The Suns are playing in Phoenix.

No, not those sweaty ballers. We’re talking about the band Ruby Suns. You know, the ones you’ll enjoy watching.

The New Zealand-based indie-pop group rocks its eclectic mix of instruments and vocals. They may be most famous for their song “Oh, Mojave," which was used in the Windows Vista commercial, but Ruby Suns’ sound goes beyond mere noise bites for techie advertisements. This group of worldly music geniuses creates a vibe that will have you ready for some sandals, a mojito, and a few hits of white blotter. If the group’s 2008 album, Sea Lion, is any indication of what’s on the newest work (Fight Softly, released March 2), sign us the eff up.

Sun., March 14, 8 p.m., 2010


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