Salt Lake City Slickers

Two days into the New Year and you already feel your commitment to those resolutions slipping away. You're still justifying using leftover holiday snacks to lard your body (you can't just toss them!) and you haven’t yet started your running regimen (it's chilly outside!). As for your goal of being more adventurous with your outings, there's no excuse to miss Salt Lake City's Crate Lung Co-Op, which brings its artistic road show to town for tonight’s First Friday art walk.

One might scoff at the idea of progressive works from a place more conservative than even our fair state, but, quiet as it’s kept, SLC has quite the underground movement of art and music. Some of the movement’s prime movers, Lung members John LaMonica, Cristie Gunn, Casey Blandford, Iris Moulton, and Cein Watson, aim to cram as much of their art toys, paintings, prints, music, mix tapes, clothing, ’zines, and other self-published written works into your gulliver as they can. They might even fashion a site-specific installation as quirky and fun as Utah’s fry sauce.

Fri., Jan. 2, 6-10 p.m., 2009


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