SB 1070 Trash Talk at The Firehouse

If you're not feeling Senate Bill 1070, there's a nice, high platform for you to share your thoughts.

Tonight, anyone can step up to the mic at The Firehouse's impressive outdoor stage and vent frustrations, express fears, or give a nice one-fingered salute to the controversial Arizona law in the form of a prose poem during SB 1070 Speak Out.

The open mic format is open to anybody so feel free to spit a poem, short story, a song, or whatever else.

In the eyes of Djentrification, who will spin locally-made music, the event "encourages anyone from the community to speak out and/or share ideas or thoughts on strengthening equality in Arizona."

Event details after the jump ...

Tara Lopez will also hit the decks while Andrew Ecker will lead a drumming session at some point. Coffee will be available for purchase.

The shindig starts at 8:30 p.m. at The Firehouse, 1015 North 1st Street. Admission is free. Check out this Facebook event page for more info.

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