Screw the Economy

Just stop watching the Dow. Stop. You're going to freak yourself out. To help the economy, make sure not to cut down on any extra expenses. Keep your acrylic nails, get your weekly massage, shell out for the full-sleeve tattoo, and keep your standing appointment with your psychic, especially if she happens to be Mrs. Rita. The trusted clairvoyant has been a staple on Tempe’s University Drive for as long as we can remember, and on selects Tuesdays, she’ll be reading at Eddie's House – the swank new Scottsdale restaurant and bar with a homey interior based on celebrity chef Eddie Matney’s own home – during The Haunting Hour Cocktail Series. The weekly event includes tarot-card readings and other spiritual inquiries alongside cocktail specials and delicious comfort food.
Tue., Sept. 30; Tue., Oct. 7; Tue., Oct. 14; Tue., Oct. 21; Tue., Oct. 28, 2008


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