Secondhand SMoCA

Take a look at your little apartment and see how much junk you own. You’ve still got every single paperback book from your high school reading list, that drawer of mismatched socks that’s been collecting dust mites for two years, and a second grade-era DuckTales backpack. Looks like it’s time to purge like a bulimic after Thanksgiving.

Need inspiration? Check out Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s Summer Reception. SMoCA cleared out its old exhibitions so it could bring in fabulous new works that will give the museum a freshness to last through summer. Artist Pae White’s solo show includes sculptures, mobile installations, and graphic designs that explore our modern world of style, design, and architecture. Also making its debut is the exhibition “Pushing Paint Around,” which features eight large-scale paintings pulled from the museum’s permanent collection.

Fri., May 16, 7-8:30 p.m., 2008


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