See it in Dice

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See it in Dice

Tony Cragg into FIAC, the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris. He has the dice to prove it. 

The British sculptor's known for creating large-scale pieces with non-traditional media -- he used trash in the '70s, glass bottles in the '90s. Last week, he unveiled a collection of die-covered pieces in the Grand Palais.

"There is this idea that sculpture is static, or maybe even dead, but I feel absolutely contrary to that," he writes. "I'm not a religious person--I'm an absolute materialist--and for me material is exciting and ultimately sublime. When I'm involved in making sculpture, I'm looking for a system of belief or ethics in the material. I want that material to have a dynamic, to push and move and grow."

In 2008, Cragg opened a sculpture park in Germany, where he currently works and lives. For more information, visit his official website. 

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