Seven Favorite Spots to See a Film in Phoenix

There's no better escape than the one found in a theater seat in front of a large screen. Great films take their audiences to cool, faraway places with interesting characters and captivating stories.

Sure, you can hit up your local big box for the latest Hollywood hit, but if you're looking for an independent experience, here are seven of our favorite cinema escapes:

7. Phoenix Art Museum Phoenix Art Museum shows art films and films that relate to current museum exhibitions, and curators bring in experts and host post-film discussions. Don't bank on sneaking in snacks or grabbing a slushie at the front door, but do plan on seeing a cool independent film from movie makers around the world. Admission is usually free or $5 (depending on the event), and while you're there, check out some artwork.

6. The Hive The Hive's taking a bit of a summer vacation, but when the Downtown art gallery/community space/studio reopens in the Fall, expect to see a lineup of cool films to catch under the stars in the space's central ramada. Owners screened The Best of The Phoenix Film Festival series in January, and if we're lucky, they'll bring it back when the weather cools down. Admission is free.

Seven Favorite Spots to See a Film in Phoenix

5. Madcap Theaters After Harkins moved out of the theater space on Mill Avenue for fancier digs at nearby Tempe Marketplace, the Downtown Tempe Community (DTC) moved in and created the Mill Avenue District Community Arts Project (or MADCAP), which sought to reinvigorate the area through the reopening of this multi-purpose theater space. Since, they've brought in independent screenings, and regular shows by Cult Classics, a regular film series run by Victor Moreno. Tickets are around $10.

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