Seven of the Most Expensive Spa Treatments in the World

Vihula Manor Eco-SPA
Vihula Manor Eco-SPA
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Summertime means two things: more boozing, less clothing. And less clothing means you've got to be keeping that hot bod of yours in tip-top shape. From $30 for genuine dyed chicken feather hair extensions (guilty!) to $75 for the perfectly painted toes, we've been known to throw down a pretty penny at the spa. But right now, we're not talking about just any old day at the salon. Oh, no. We're looking at how the disgustingly rich and famous spend their dough at the day spa.

We present seven of the most crazy, opulent spa treatments your money can buy.

Hotel Healdsburg exterior
Hotel Healdsburg exterior
Hotel Healdsburg

7. Wine and Honey Body Wrap

$110 for 50 minutes at Hotel Healdsburg in Sonoma County, California

Because even your skin can use a little summertime indulgence. This intensely hydrating body wrap combines Quivira honey and a "splash of biodynamic and organically farmed fig tree sauvignon blanc" to moisturize and purify your epidermis. If treating your skin to a glass or two of the good stuff doesn't relax you enough, the treatment also includes a warm blanket "cocoon" as well as face, neck, and foot massages.

6. Ocean Therapy Spirulina Wrap

$195 for 80 minutes at Langhan Huntington Hotel and Spa in Pasadena, California

We know people who swear by spirulina supplements. And we know the stinky blue-green algae are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so, hell, why not a body wrap? In under an hour and a half covered in green goo, you'll get a strong dose of nutrients and proteins meant to soothe away all your worries.

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