Seven Summer Olympic Sports That, Yes, Really Are Olympic Sports

You're probably not going to get a medal like this
You're probably not going to get a medal like this
2sirius via Flickr

The last time people around the world gathered around their TV screens to watch the Summer Olympics, swimming was the name of the game and Michael Phelps was the star of the show. He'll be making his third Olympic appearance this August, but by now we're getting a little bored watching him swim back and forth really fast and getting medals.

So, to break things up on your personal Olympics programming guide try tuning into these seven sports you probably forgot (or never even knew) were in the summer Olympics.

7. Kayak Slalom

This sport is exactly what you think it is. Think slalom, as in the winter Olympic sport where skiers zigzag through poles as fast as possible, but in a kayak. The 300-meter kayak slalom course includes 20 to 25 gates that must be entered through a specific direction. Paddler's receive penalties based on the number of gates he or she touches or misses all together.

6. Badminton

We all know (and love watching) table tennis during the Olympics. Mostly because, I mean come one, that's a sport we played - and probably sucked at - during high school P.E.

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