Sew Sweet

We were smacking our lips with powdered-sugar-coated glee when Dunkin’ Donuts crept back into Phoenix. Then we heard that the chain was pushing egg-white sandwiches and other healthful crap. Bastards.

Hungry patrons of Sky Harbor International Airport may be equally disappointed by Phoenix artist Mindy Sue Meyers’ cookies, pies, and pastries – not because they’re healthful, but because the delicious-looking desserts are actually crafted from household objects like dust mops and sponges. You can drool alongside pre-flight passersby at Meyers’ “Stitchalicious” Phoenix Airport Museum exhibit.

Meyers, who started crafting faux candy on a whim using discarded bits of Brillo and glitter, describes her work as “escapism from the everyday boring world into wonderful candy land life.” And though she draws her inspiration from domestic divas Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker, Meyers admits she can barely make buttered rice. “I imagine these wonderful, amazing-looking sweets,” she says, “and the best place for me to make those is in the studio, not the kitchen.”

Feb. 11-May 25, 2009


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