She-Jays Rule

The lady DJ scene is seriously under-represented here in the Valley. But on Wednesday, November 25, the gals will take center stage for Battle of the Bit¢he$, a vajay-jay exclusive spinning competition.

At least six women, including DJ Eclair and DJ Shorty, will battle it out in several rounds judged by audience applause at Club Vibe. The winner takes home 300 bones and gets to spin the whole Turkey’s Day Eve. (We say a little more estrogen on the turntables is a good thing.)

“I would like the scene to be elevated on the same level as the males,” says organizer Audrey Corley. “We’re coming on 2010, and I think it’s time we keep making our way.”

The event features two-for-one drinks until 11.

Wed., Nov. 25, 9 p.m., 2009


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